University of Toronto Mastercard Foundation Scholarship Program in Canada (Apply Now) 2024/2025


This program is made to help students in Africa become better at what they do and connect with others in the healthcare field. It’s focused on getting them ready for jobs in healthcare in Africa. The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at U of T wants to give these students a good education and create an environment where they can do really well in their studies. The goal is to give them the knowledge and skills they need to make a big difference in healthcare.

Once they finish their studies, the plan is for these scholars to go back to their home countries. They’ll use what they’ve learned at U of T to help their countries, either by starting their own businesses or working in healthcare jobs. The aim is to bring about positive changes and make health better in their communities and countries. This program is an example of how education can have a big impact on healthcare in Africa.


Areas of Study:

In the 2024/2025 school year, students can apply to study in one of the following areas:

The University of Toronto (U of T) is working with eight top African universities to train young professionals for important jobs in the growing health sectors of African countries. They are putting a special focus on creating job opportunities for women.


Eligibility Requirements for the University of Toronto Mastercard Foundation Scholars Programme:

The Toronto MasterCard Foundation Scholars Programme is open to you if you are a resident and citizen of a Sub-Saharan Africa country. You must be applying to the University of Toronto for the first time and not have started university studies elsewhere. Transfer students are not eligible.

To be eligible for the Toronto MasterCard Foundation Scholars Programme, you must:

  • Be a resident and graduating high school student in a country within Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Show that you need financial help, similar to the lowest two groups in your country.
  • Have good grades in your school.
  • Have a history of leadership and involvement in activities outside of class.
  • Really want to go back to Africa after finishing your studies to help with regional development.
  • Be graduating from a recognized secondary school or have finished the necessary academic requirements.
  • Meet the English language requirements (depends on the country).



Students in the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at U of T will get full financial support for tuition, travel expenses to Canada, housing, course materials, health insurance, a laptop, food, books, and other costs during their graduate degrees.


Application Process:

To apply, you need to:

  • Fill out the online application, including your contact information, financial details, personal information, and answers to essay questions.
  • Upload scanned copies of your financial documents.
  • Upload scanned copies of your secondary school transcript and other academic information.
  • Provide the names and contact details of two people who can be your references. They will be contacted directly to submit their letters of reference through a secure website.

Application Deadline: December 10, 2024. Apply below for higher chances of being selected