Scholarships for International Students at the University of Montreal in Canada, 2024/25


The Université de Montréal, situated in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, is a highly esteemed public research institution. It holds a prominent position as one of the largest and most esteemed universities in Canada, continuously achieving high rankings on a global scale.

The University of Montreal serves as a prominent center for intellectual advancement, housing a multitude of research centers and institutions that are committed to the progression of knowledge in several domains, including health, technology, and the humanities. The institution routinely attains high rankings among research universities in Canada and demonstrates a steadfast dedication to effecting constructive societal change, both at the local and global levels. The organization’s research and academic endeavors make significant contributions to progress in diverse domains and tackle urgent global issues.

Scholarship Description: The host university for this opportunity is the University of Montreal, located in Canada.
Level of Study: Undergraduate, Masters, and PhD;
The value of the scholarship is outlined here.
Partial funding is a type of scholarship.
Countries that meet the criteria: International students;
Topics: All topics;
Deadline for submission: January 2, 2024.
The University of Montreal, Canada is now offering scholarships for international students at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels across all areas.

Scholarship Benefits: The potential scholarship amount is contingent upon the results of this evaluation. It is unfortunate that if your academic record does not satisfy the requirements for either Level A or Level B, the scholarship will not be awarded.

Level A grants an annual sum of $13,340.40, which is commensurate with the cost of two academic sessions or the completion of 30 credits. In contrast, the cost can be decomposed as $6,670.20 per session, equivalent to 15 credits, or $444.68 per credit.

The second tier, denoted as Level B, provides an annual salary of $6,357.60, which is equivalent to the cost of two academic sessions or 30 credits. If the session-based computation is chosen, the cost per session (15 credits) is $3,178.80, equivalent to $211.92 per credit.

It should be noted that the scholarship amounts provided are meant to defray the expenses associated with tuition fees, which presently amount to $27,101.70 annually for a total of 30 credits. Please be aware that tuition fees may be modified without advance notification.

Master’s degree programs:

The institution provides a partial exemption scholarship to assist international students who are pursuing graduate courses. This award is designed to mitigate the increased tuition fees that are commonly incurred by international students.

This scholarship offers a total of $10,474.65 year for non-research programs, which is equivalent to three academic sessions or 45 credits. Alternatively, the cost per session (15 credits) is $3,491.55, which is equivalent to $232.77 each credit. The aforementioned figures pertain to the tuition expenses, which presently equal to $30,829.50 year for a total of 45 credits.

The scholarship amount for research-focused programs is $10,347.75 per annum, which is comparable to three academic sessions or 45 credits. Alternatively, the cost might be decomposed as $3,449.25 each session, equivalent to 15 credits, or $229.95 per credit. The aforementioned costs pertain to the prevailing tuition fees of $29,592 per annum for a total of 45 credits.

Doctoral programs:

We offer a comprehensive exemption from the supplementary tuition expenses commonly imposed on international students pursuing PhD study. Consequently, you will be entitled to the identical tuition expenses as graduate students hailing from Québec.

The scholarship offers an annual amount of $22,241.25, encompassing three academic sessions or a total of 45 credits. In contrast, the cost per session (15 credits) is $7,413.75, which is equivalent to $494.25 per credit. The aforementioned figures pertain to the cost of tuition, which presently amounts to $26,562.60 year for a total of 45 credits.

The tuition expenses for writing and correcting sessions will be the same as those payable to students in Quebec.

The University of Montreal acknowledges that international students, excluding those from France and French-speaking Belgium, may possess distinct prerequisites.

Hence, scholarships are specifically designed to provide assistance to students. In order to qualify, the following criteria must be met:

Prior to consideration, it is imperative that applicants have been extended an entrance offer for a study program at the institution commencing in the Fall of 2023 or subsequent semesters. This signifies the commencement of your captivating scholarly expedition with the university.
The acquisition of appropriate study authorizations is of utmost importance. To participate in the study program, it is necessary to possess a valid Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) and a study permission for all sessions.
The University promotes and supports students in maintaining a full-time commitment to their academic pursuits. Continuous full-time enrollment is required during the whole study program, unless an allowed absence has been granted.

Exemption Status: In order to avail oneself of the university’s exemption scholarship, it is imperative to refrain from acquiring any additional payment exemptions for tuition fees.
Eligibility Criteria: It should be noted that this award is not available to students who are currently pursuing independent study programs or undergraduate programs, including certificates, majors, minors, short programs, or preparatory year programs for university studies during the Winter 2024 session.
The institution strongly encourages students to engage with its official website and make use of the user-friendly interactive checklist, commonly referred to as “Compass.” The purpose of this highly important tool is to aid students in understanding the application and acceptance criteria.

After students have chosen the study programs that interest them and have diligently filled out the application form, they will receive a distinct code. The provided code functions as the means to get entry to our “Student Centre” platform, which is a digital environment where students can easily track the status of their application and, eventually, obtain their highly anticipated acceptance letter.

It is important to highlight that the scholarship does not necessitate a distinct application process. Our dedicated admissions team will conduct a thorough and rigorous evaluation of all student applications. After doing this assessment, students who demonstrate success will be identified and then be automatically eligible for the award.

Students should expect to get an email from the Université of Montréal upon obtaining their admission offer. This correspondence aims to not only convey the noteworthy information regarding their acceptance, but also to reveal the precise sum of the exemption bursary that they are eligible for.

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