McGill University Scholarship/ International Student Funding- Apply Now


McGill University is a publicly funded research institution that operates in the English language and is situated in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The University of McGill College was created in 1821 by a royal charter, and it is named after James McGill, a Scottish trader who left a donation in 1813.

Funding for international students

McGill acknowledges the difficulties that international students may encounter when pursuing their studies in a foreign country. The Scholarships & Student Aid department is dedicated to providing financial assistance to eligible students from all geographical areas, enabling them to pursue and successfully finish academic programs at the University. This page provides information on the several financing options that will assist in achieving these objectives.

Funding Opportunities at McGill University

McGill’s Entrance Scholarship Program is open to newly admitted undergraduate students. The administration of in-course award programs for undergraduate students at McGill University is subject to the authority of individual faculty members, similar to the regulations governing graduate students.

Kindly access McGill’s publishing website to access a wide range of program calendars that include detailed lists and information regarding awards.

McGill Financial Aid oversees the provision of need-based Financial Aid Programs for prospective and existing undergraduate students from Canada, the United States, and other countries. Our programs provide loans and bursaries to students who require additional financial support and to individuals facing financial difficulties. International students seeking to effectively manage their expenses related to attending a course are advised to complete an updated in-course financial aid profile or application and schedule a meeting with a Financial Aid Counsellor in the Scholarships and Student Aid department. All variables influencing a student’s financial circumstances and capacity to meet attendance expenses will be taken into account. In addition to the aforementioned services, we also provide:

Tuition payment deferrals are a valuable resource for international students who encounter delays in the transfer of their financing. To initiate a fee deferral, international students can submit a Fee Deferral application in Minerva.

Work Study Program: for employment prospects available on campus
Emergency loans are provided for unexpected situations.
The Frugal Scholar Money Management Program focuses on effectively managing financial planning, debt, and school expenses.

Additional resources

The Other Aid and Awards page offers details about supplementary financial options provided by both internal and external sources, such as private loans specifically designed for overseas students.
The Faculty of Management at Desautels offers a comprehensive compilation of worldwide funding sites, categorized by country.
For students seeking guidance on the process of opting out of specific fees, it is recommended that they go to McGill University’s Student Accounts website (search engine > “opt out”).