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In contemporary company environments, there is a growing demand for individuals possessing proficient managerial and technical competencies. The Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program has been developed in response to this requirement. Acquiring an MBA certification in Malaysia can improve individuals’ managerial opportunities or careers in fields such as corporate social responsibility (CSR), sustainable business management, and other related topics.

The opportunity to engage in internship placements and employer projects with globally renowned corporations.This program offers the chance to pursue both an MBA and an MAA degree, with a curriculum that emphasizes practical learning.Acquire expertise in a diverse range of essential managerial domains.
In order to confront these emerging issues with assurance, it necessitates a profound level of business acumen and extraordinary interpersonal abilities to guarantee the company’s attainment of its corporate objectives. Hence, organizations actively pursue MBA graduates that possess the capacity to transform challenges into advantageous circumstances through the implementation of strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing their organizational standing.

There are several compelling justifications for the distinctiveness of INTI’s MBA degree programs in comparison to other MBA courses offered in Malaysia.

Global Education Standard
The MBA courses offered by INTI have obtained local certification from the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and have gained international recognition from prestigious universities in the United Kingdom, including FedEx, Shell, Unilever, Intel, and the University of Hertfordshire. Upon completion of the program, you will not only engage in a curriculum specifically tailored by INTI and our international partner university, but you will also be awarded a dual accreditation. This will enhance your desirability as a prospective employee in the highly competitive corporate landscape.Over 800 industry partners

Aligned with our objective of cultivating business graduates who are prepared for the workforce, we have formed partnerships with several industry entities, ranging from local to worldwide organizations, including IBM, Google, Oracle, Microsoft, Huawei, SAS, DELL, and others. INTI’s MBA students are allocated to career-focused initiatives, such as employer projects, through our collaborations.The INTI Leadership Series

The INTI Leadership Series is a significant event that showcases notable industry executives and INTI alumni. These individuals share their experiences of both achievements and setbacks, while also providing insights into actual employment requirements. The objective of the event is to facilitate the establishment of a reciprocal comprehension between students and employers, encompassing both business and non-business students. The selected speaker will often address contemporary subjects such as entrepreneurial ventures, competencies in leadership, and various other themes. Students will have the opportunity to interact with over 35 influential industry professionals from prominent firms such as Intel, LinkedIn, Astro, and others.The Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) program is a suitable educational pathway for individuals who are employed and do not possess official academic credentials. APEL, which was founded in 2011 by MQA, facilitates the conversion of working people’ professional experiences into academic credits. This implies that individuals have the opportunity to pursue postgraduate studies without the requirement of completing undergraduate degree programs.

The MBA courses offered by INTI are included in the INTI Programs for Working Professionals, which also provide access to the APEL program. Achieve your aspirations for further study with our assistance and depart with an enhanced curriculum vitae!Financial assistance (subject to specific criteria and restrictions)
INTI advocates for universal access and affordability of higher education. Hence, we offer financial assistance and many payment alternatives to alleviate your financial strain. INTI provides a monthly payment plan with no interest, allowing you to study and work without any disruptions each month. Financing for courses can be facilitated through government education loans or by withdrawing funds from the EPF.