International TN Visa Sponsorship Program- Registered Nurse Medical Surgical, Alberta Canada


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Regarding the job
Upon submission, kindly include an English rendition of your curriculum vitae.

Position: Registered Nurse II
Total work hours: 36 hours or more per week
Shift: 12 hours each day, 12 hours per night.
Place: Texas, San Antonio (United States)
Salary Range: The cost (Med Surg: US$28.99 – US$40.89ph; ED: US$31.30 – US$43.50) varies based on expertise. Shift differentials, weekends, and overtime are not encompassed by this.

(Must be present within 18 months after receiving the offer)

Supplementary rewards:

Sponsorship for a maximum of 4 years for TN Visa
Application for Permanent Residency following a two-year period
Covered are the licensing fees.
Compensation for transportation expenses (one-way) to San Antonio, TX Housing provided by the Hospital for a duration of 30-90 days

Introduction: Our client, Hospital, is now in search of skilled and empathetic Registered Nurses (RNs) to join our expanding teams. There are full-time employment opportunities currently available. The hospital is the largest healthcare facility in San Antonio and provides high-paying positions, differentials for specialized shifts, great benefits, and abundant prospects for growth. They are an exceptional team that diligently supports one another and are actively seeking an exceptional addition, such as yourself, who recognizes the significance of patient care as they do.

This position entails the consistent use of the nursing process, critical thinking abilities, scientific judgment, technical skills, and leadership qualities in order to autonomously provide safe nursing care to patients.
The collaboration with the patient care team will be undertaken in order to attain high-quality patient outcomes.
The individual will demonstrate effective communication skills, confidence, and professionalism via active participation in unit and organizational activities.
You will exhibit collaboration, flexibility, and acting as a valuable asset to the patient care team.
You will be responsible for providing high-quality nursing care services and for fostering a favorable perception of the nursing profession.

Required qualifications:

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree from an authorized four-year university program.
NCLEX PASS The basic requirement for this position is two years of clinical experience as a licensed or registered nurse, with a minimum of six months of expertise in IP acute care and bedside experience.
Fluent in English and capable of meeting the criteria for licensure (NCLEX) and immigration.
Desire to dedicate myself to a 3-year tenure at Methodist Hospital.

Supplementary prerequisites:

Prior to commencing the post, it is necessary to register with NCLEX. Be proficient in English and successfully complete the IELTS assessment.

Assistance from the agency:

Preparation and coordination for interviews
USCIS Certification
NCLEX training and registration, visa and flight arrangements, and relocation.

Please be aware that the eligibility for benefits may differ depending on the location.

The hospital provides a comprehensive rewards package that encompasses several aspects of employee well-being, including health, life, career, and retirement.
The range of plans and programs offered encompasses comprehensive medical coverage, which encompasses a wide array of common treatments either free of charge or with a little copayment. The proposed plans encompass extensive coverage for prescription drugs and behavioral health, in addition to complimentary telemedicine services and AirMed medical transportation.
Supplementary health protection plans, such as accident, critical illness, and hospital indemnity, are available as additional options. These plans include dental and vision benefits, life and disability coverage, flexible spending accounts, auto and home insurance, identity theft protection, legal counseling, long-term care coverage, moving assistance, pet insurance, and more.
Access to complimentary counseling services and resources aimed at promoting emotional, physical, and financial well-being.

Retirement Scheme

A stock purchase plan for employees, offering a 10% reduction on HCA Healthcare stock.
The provision of progyny and adoption help offers advantages in terms of family support through fertility and family building.
Services for referring children, elders, and pets, as well as auto and house repairs, event organizing, and other related services.
Abenity and consumer discounts offer reduced prices to consumers.
Retirement preparedness, provision of rollover support services, and establishment of preferred banking collaborations.
Educational aid (including tuition, student loans, certification assistance, and scholarships for dependents)
Program for acknowledging and rewarding colleagues
The Time Away From Work Program encompasses many benefits such as paid time off, paid family leave, long- and short-term disability coverage, and leaving the workplace.
The Employee Health Assistance Fund provides complimentary coverage exclusively for employees, regardless of their employment status, based on their salary.

Level of seniority: Not applicable.


Medical facilities and healthcare institutions

Type of Employment

The functions of a full-time job.
Skills of a Health Care Provider

Salary spectrum in Alberta, Canada

Compensation may differ depending on one’s talents, experience, and geographical region.

Base salary: $30 per hour to $41 per hour

Job post benefits include disability insurance and a pension plan.