The Instructional Assistant is expected to demonstrate a significant level of initiative and judgment in the execution and organization of diverse tasks pertaining to the education of undergraduate and graduate students in the field of oceanography, as directed by the Department Head. The selected candidate will assist in the planning and execution of laboratory experiments for physics courses, encompassing demonstrations, setting up and overseeing laboratory equipment. Additionally, they will offer help to students and assess their performance and work in the Physics Help Center. Furthermore, the Oceanographic Instructional Assistant will be tasked with the responsibility of designing underwater moorings for oceanographic purposes, programming and deploying a range of oceanographic instruments such as current meters, acoustic profilers, CTDs, and ocean gliders.

Additionally, they will be responsible for calibrating and testing equipment, managing equipment inventory, coordinating equipment repair and maintenance with manufacturers, and planning and executing field operations, often in remote locations. Furthermore, the Oceanographic Instructional Assistant will be required to work at sea, both on coastal and ocean vessels. This role necessitates extensive interaction with students, external researchers, and staff, as well as the ability to effectively convey and elucidate the purpose of instruments to a diverse range of individuals. The appointed individual will assume the responsibility of representing the university during field excursions and facilitating communication with representatives from external research institutes. Additionally, they will be expected to contribute to other relevant responsibilities as deemed necessary.


Minimum requirement: 2 years of experience in oceanographic research support, completion of a degree in physics, engineering, geophysics, or physical oceanography from an accredited university, or any equivalent combination of experience and training. Assets that would be advantageous include prior experience in facilitating a physics laboratory, expertise in the repair, maintenance, handling, and operation of oceanographic equipment, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the hazards and safety measures associated with oceanographic field operations.

The annual salary range for CUPE Local 1615 is between $58,726 and $68,895.

The deadline for submission is March 27, 2024, at 5:00 p.m. NST.

All eligible individuals are strongly urged to submit their applications; although, priority will be given to applicants who possess the legal entitlement to work in Canada. Memorial University demonstrates a strong dedication to job fairness and inclusivity, actively promoting the submission of applications from individuals who meet the necessary qualifications. This includes women, individuals of any sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression; Indigenous peoples; visible minorities and racialized individuals; as well as individuals with disabilities.

The collection of personal information in your application is conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Memorial University Act (RSNL 1990 c M-7). This collection is designed to facilitate the identification and recruitment of potential candidates, evaluate the qualifications of applicants, and maintain records related to the management of employment at Memorial University of Newfoundland.

If the candidate is deemed successful, this information will be incorporated into their permanent employment record and will be utilized for additional job-related activities. It is possible for this information to be shared with government departments and agencies in accordance with legal obligations, as well as with third-party service providers where it is deemed necessary for the administration of programs and activities.

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