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Merit-based hiring is the hiring policy at McGill University, which also has a strong commitment to diversity and equity in the community. Applications are encouraged from people who identify as racialized or visible minorities, women, Indigenous people, people with disabilities, people of color in terms of sexual orientation and gender identity, and from any other qualified applicant who possesses the necessary knowledge and abilities to work effectively with a variety of communities. McGill fosters self-identification among members of specified groups and runs an employment equity initiative. In confidence, applicants with disabilities can get in touch with if they anticipate needing adjustments for any step of the application process.


59,870–$70,440 per year

Type of job

Part-time Place of Work
Montréal, QC: Complete job details
For application instructions, please see the How to Apply for a Job (for External Candidates) job assistance.
Please do not use this career site to apply if you are an active McGill employee, meaning that you presently hold a contract or position at McGill University. Apply to this job posting by logging into your McGill Workday account and using the Find Jobs report (enter Find Jobs into the search bar).
A position is available in the HR department at the Macdonald Campus in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue. a job for two years, three days a week.

Summary of Position: The Human Resources Administrator serves as a resource for faculty managers, staff members, academic supervisors, and researchers, under the direction of the Faculty Human Resources Advisor. In AMUSE, MUNACA, AMURE, and AGSEM, offer assistance and information on a range of topics pertaining to unionized work categories. starts job requests and posts, keeps track of incoming applications, and verifies references. Handle day-to-day administrative tasks like hiring new employees, contract renewals, firings, tracking leaves and probation, and other work-related operations. assembles documentation for complaints. Employees should be informed about HR policies.

Primary Duties: Attends to a range of generic and moderately difficult requests and requests for help from faculty members’ administrative and academic supervisors as well as staff members. serves as a resource for the staff.
oversees adherence to collective bargaining agreements for AMUSE, AMURE, AGSEM Invigilators, and MUNACA

employee groups. Keep up great working ties with faculty members and key HR stakeholders.
oversees the administration of employee records, benefits, trial and probationary period tracking, remuneration, and employee records for support and management personnel. handles appointments, renewals, staff transfers, and other tasks in compliance with policies and guidelines. Organizes prompt messages to MUNACA (such as probationary success confirmation, delayed job postings, or the elimination or closing of current employment, etc.).

Offer administrative assistance to unionized positions including AMUSE, AGSEM Invigilators, MUNACA, and AMURE during the hiring process. Completes the process from beginning to end, including creating job descriptions, postings, initial screening of applicants, organizing interview dates and times, holding interviews, creating sample interview questions, contacting references, making offers, and onboarding new hires, as well as notifying rejected applicants. keeps up acquaintance with Workday’s interaction with the Work Study Subsidy Management scheme.

Oversees and manages leave, leave return, retirement, and terminations; in particular, it keeps track of employees’ progress toward a gradual return to work. administers and offers advice on various leave kinds (STD, LTD, maternity/parental, adoption, paternity, unpaid), making sure the right procedures are followed and the necessary paperwork is submitted. answers questions concerning the effects of specific leave kinds on vacation time and perks.

Plays the function of the WD Absence Partner. Modifies in WD Time off balances that include accumulated vacation time from leaves taken, or balances for staff members who were moved from one faculty to another. confirms the balance of paid time off for departing workers. explains to new hires how the “reference year” is used to the accumulation and use of accrued vacation time.
gives the faculty HR advisor backup and/or administrative help. Makes initial recommendations as needed on a range of topics. helps with the annual Canada Summer Jobs program administration. The program is supported by the government. Answers common questions from researchers about how to invite postdoctoral fellows, research trainees, and overseas academics in categories excluded from labor-market impact assessment in order to get a temporary work permit.

Assembles documentation for arbitration, grievances, or other uses in order to support HR Advisor’s conversations with HR Lawyers and Labor Advisors in order to prepare for hearings or to address grievances.
identifies WD reports to assist with daily HR tasks. stays up to date on newly released WD reports or modified system features. Retains a familiarity with the Knowledge Base’s regularly visited sections to help administrative and support workers find the materials and procedures they need more easily. helps new supervisory employees in their WD security roles. Participates in online gatherings for WD Heavy users. For statistical and informational purposes, runs WD reports on a regular basis (i.e. salary, leaves, upcoming contract expiration dates, etc.).
establishes and maintains policies and processes for staff file management and HR document storage on a shared drive. All documentation needs to be thorough, standardized, and open.
Performs additional activities as delegated; helps when necessary with “backfilling” WD tasks in the absence of other administrators.
serves as a contact with the Central Talent Acquisition unit to confirm the accuracy of the service recognition milestone recipients’ list.
Organizes and plans meetings; manages reservations for rooms and other logistics.

Additional Skills and/or Abilities that Qualify

demonstrated expertise managing issues and procedures related to human resources. familiarity with collective bargaining agreements and university HR policies.

Outstanding interpersonal abilities to build and preserve productive working relationships with administrators, academic researchers at all levels, and employees in all employee categories. the capacity to adjust, multitask in a hectic setting, and work on deadline-driven assignments concurrently. client-centered and able to pay close attention to detail. Results-driven with a track record of successfully organizing and planning tasks.
demonstrated aptitude for handling private and sensitive data. proficiency with Workday’s interface. Proven ability to use the Microsoft suite (Outlook, word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation software) and online resources like Teams and Zoom to work in a computerized setting.

Must be able to write and speak both French and English with ease. English proficiency: McGill University is an English-speaking university where regular tasks may call for verbal and written communication in English. On a scale of 0 to 4, the English proficiency needed for this role has been evaluated at level #4.
Minimum Level of Training and Experience:

DEC III Three Years Annual Salary / Related Experience: (MPEX Grade 03) $81,010.00 – $70,440.00 – $59,870.00
Twenty-five hours a week (part-time) Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday
Supervisor: Advisor for Human Resources; End Date (If Applicable): April 30, 2026
Deadline to Apply: April 12, 2024