High Paying Housekeeper Jobs In Canada 2024


In busy cities like Toronto, Housekeepers are like heroes. People in Toronto have very busy lives with work and other things, so they don’t have much time for cleaning their homes. But having a clean and organized home is really important. Housekeepers help by doing the cleaning and organizing, making it easier for people to have a comfortable and neat home.

Housekeepers do more than just clean. They take care of our homes and make sure they are free from mess, dust, and germs. This makes homes healthy and safe for families. Housekeepers also make homes feel warm and cozy. This article will talk about different high-paying housekeeping jobs available in Toronto.

  1. Estate Housekeeper:
    • Estate housekeepers take care of big and fancy homes in Toronto. They do more than just clean; they manage everything to make sure the whole house is perfect. They can earn around $35,100 to $50,000 per year.
  2. Hotel Housekeeper:
    • Hotel housekeepers clean guest rooms and common areas in hotels. They make beds, clean bathrooms, and keep everything tidy. In luxury hotels in Toronto, they can earn about $37,496 per year.
  3. Nanny/Housekeeper:
    • Nanny/housekeepers take care of kids and also keep the home clean and safe. It’s a challenging but rewarding job. They earn around $45,000 to $55,000.
  4. Senior Care Housekeeper:
    • Senior care housekeepers work in places where older people live. They make sure the place is clean and safe. They earn about $36,771 per year.
  5. Personal Assistant/Housekeeper:
    • Personal assistant/housekeepers help with both administrative work and keeping a home running smoothly. They are often hired by wealthy individuals and households. They can earn about $40,827 per year.
  6. Live-In Housekeeper:
    • Live-in housekeepers live in the homes they work in. They do cleaning and other tasks all the time. They can earn around $34,125 per year, and sometimes they get extra things like a place to stay and meals.


These housekeeping jobs in Toronto offer good pay and chances for growth. The salaries show how important these jobs are for people’s quality of life. For newcomers to Toronto, especially immigrants looking for opportunities, housekeeping can be a good and promising career. There is a steady demand for housekeeping services, and these well-paying jobs can be a good starting point for a stable and rewarding future in the city.