Best Government Of Canada Scholarships For International Students In Canada For 2024


Studying in Canada can be tough because it costs a lot of money. You have to pay for school fees, living expenses, and study materials. This can make it hard for smart people who want to study in Canada. But some scholarships can help. These scholarships give money to students so they can focus on studying and not worry too much about money.

The Canadian government thinks international students are important and can bring good things to the country. That’s why they made special scholarships for students from around the world. These scholarships give money, chances to do research, and opportunities to learn from other countries. Let’s look at eight of these scholarships available in 2024.


List of Government Of Canada Scholarships For International Students


  • 1. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships:

This scholarship gives $50,000 each year for three years to students doing a Ph.D. It helps cover their study costs, so they can focus on their research without money problems.

  • 2. Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships:

This fellowship gives $70,000 each year to researchers who finished their Ph.D. It helps them do important research in Canada and learn from experts.

  • 3. Canada-ASEAN Scholarships And Educational Exchanges For Development (SEED):

This program helps students from Southeast Asian countries by giving them money (up to CAD 15,900) to study in Canada. It wants to help reduce poverty and make the world better.

  • 4. Emerging Leaders In The Americas Program (ELAP):

This program connects Canada with countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. It gives scholarships for different levels of study, like undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. It helps cover study costs like tuition fees and living expenses.

  • 5. Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master’s Program:

This program gives money and research opportunities to 3,000 students each year. It’s for international students doing master’s or Ph.D. programs in Canada.

  • 6. Commonwealth Scholarships And Fellowships In Canada:

These scholarships give $10,000 to students from Commonwealth countries doing master’s or Ph.D. studies in Canada. It helps them with costs like transportation and living expenses.

  • 7. African Leaders of Tomorrow (ALT) Scholarship Program:

This program honors Nelson Mandela and helps young African professionals do master’s degrees in Canada. It wants to create future leaders who can make positive changes in their countries.

These scholarships are a way for Canada to share its educational resources and make it easier for international students to study there. It’s not just about getting a degree but also experiencing Canada’s culture and connecting with people. These scholarships make it possible for students and scholars to follow their dreams in Canada without worrying too much about money.


How to Apply

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