Apply Now for Social Services Worker at Ressources Olivier Mont-Laurier, QC


Ressources Olivier, Mont-Laurier, QC is opened for applicants that wants to be a social service worker and can speak french in Canada, if that looks like your dream job, apply now
This job is a permanent job and the salary ranges from $43,680–$63,700 a year, which is located at Mont-Laurier, QC

Complete job description

Employment Status: Permanent
Language of work: French
Weekly hours: 30-40 hours
Education: Post-secondary certificate or diploma from a program lasting 1 to 2 years, obtained from a college, CEGEP, or other institution.
Experience: 1-2 years

Workplace setting
Individual and societal adaptation and well-being concerning substance abuse, gambling, and behavioral disorders
Volunteer organization
Crime prevention
Homeless services
Grief concerns

Work environment
Homeless shelter


Compile reports or case studies
Oversee support personnel
Administrative and clerical tasks
Evaluate clients’ requirements or qualifications for particular services.
Evaluate the likelihood of offenders successfully reintegrating into the community.

Carry out administrative duties
Establish life skills workshops
Evaluate the client’s pertinent skill assets and areas for growth.
Perform subsequent evaluations
Develop, coordinate, and execute the provision of particular services in the community.

Housekeeping tasks
Offer suicide and crisis intervention
Address conflict situations
Oversee children’s interactions with parents to guarantee their well-being.
Develop and execute behavior modification programs

Provide individual and group counseling sessions
Collaborate with other social services agencies and healthcare providers working with clients.
Create service intervention logic models and outcome measures.
Keep program statistics for evaluation and research.

Help assess the efficacy of treatment programs
Screen, recruit, and train volunteers and support staff.
Support clients or guests with specific requirements
Escort clients to appointments and social events.

Organize events
Oversee knowledge
Provide mentorship
Oversee office and volunteer personnel.


1-2 individuals

Intended audience
Indigenous communities

Urban population
Juvenile delinquents

Expertise in computer science and technology

Field of expertise
Non-profit organization
Field of expertise
Higher education
Security and safety

Background check for criminal history
Driving record verification (abstract)
Information regarding transportation and travel
Personal conveyance
Legitimate driver’s license
Employer covers travel expenses.
Work conditions and physical abilities
Rapid environment
Perform effectively in high-pressure situations
Effective interpersonal skills
Superb verbal communication
Interpersonal awareness
JudgmentPrinciples and moral standards
Customer-centric approach
Superb written correspondence
Versatility Initiative Collaborative individual

Interview questions
Can you start on the advertised start date?
Are you eligible to work in Canada?
Are you currently living near the location that is being advertised?
Have you worked in this field before?
Do you possess the specified necessary certifications?

Additional advantages
Complimentary parking provided
Employer-funded education
Facilities available at the location
Additional advantages
Compensated time away from work for volunteering or personal reasons.
Opportunities for team building
Parking is available
Flexible work schedule
Health program