Apply for Farm Working Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship 2024


Farm working jobs and on-farm agriculture jobs in Canada have the highest possible task vacancy price of any industry, and the majority of these are open to international candidates. Whether you have a degree or not, there is a task suitable for you that is also well-paid.

List of Farm Working Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship:

1) Apiary Professional/Caretaker.

  • Organization: Mighty Tranquility Honey.
  • Job Type: Full-time Work.
  • Income: $20/hour.
  • Responsibilities: disease detection and treatment, as well as honey harvesting.

2) Dairy Farm Employee.

  • Organization: Rietveld Diaries Ltd
  • Job Type: Full-time task.
  • Visa: Visa Sponsorship.
  • Wage: $15/hour.
  • Tasks: Calving, handling animals, feeding and frequently tending to animals, milking cows, cleaning up stables, and recognizing illness in plants are all part of the job.

3) Egg Gatherer.

  • Organization: Maple Leaf Foods, Inc
  • Job Type: Full-time Work.
  • Salary: $19.46 per hour.
  • Obligations: ‘ Egg gathering using egg event systems’.

4) Apiary Employee.

  • Organization: Tegart Apiaries Honey Farms Ltd
  • Job Type: Full-time Task.
  • Salary: $18/hour.
  • Obligations: apiary management, honey collection, and identification and treatment of bee diseases.
  • Visa: Visa Sponsorship.

5) Farm laborer.

  • Organization: Gouw Quality Onions Ltd
  • Job Type: Full-time job.
  • Income: $15.65/hr.
  • Obligations: general farm job.
  • Visa: Visa Sponsorship.

6) Vegetable Farm Worker.

  • Organization: Doug Edgar Farms Ltd.
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • work. Salary: $15.65 per hour.
  • Obligations: Hand-collecting vegetables, weeding, hoeing plants, assessing produce for quality, and organizing the market are all responsibilities.

7) General Farm Worker.

  • Organization: Aluber Profession Business Ltd
  • Job Type: Full-time job.
  • Income: $16/hour.
  • Tasks: trimming, cleaning up crops, seed cutting, weeding, gathering crops, greenhouse cleansing, and harvesting seed.
  • Visa: Visa Sponsorship.

8) Farm Hand.

  • Organization: McNary Feed Great Deal Ltd.
  • Job Type: Full-time Job.
  • Salary: $20 per hour.
  • Tasks: livestock display, feedstock, discouragement, livestock training, feed, and animal care, with a focus on animal wellbeing.

9) Fruit Farm Laborer.

  • Organization: Earle Sheila Anne Muir.
  • Job Type: Full-time Job.
  • Wage: $15.50.
  • Obligations: planting, growing, and watering crops; harvesting crops; weeding, pruning, and cutting trees and plants.

10) Fowl Farm Worker.

  • Organization: Merks Fowl Ranch.
  • Job Type: Full-time work.
  • Wage: $15/hour.
  • Responsibilities: keeping an eye on animal health and welfare, feeding as well as often tending to pets, and cleaning stables and barns.

Benefits of Farm Working Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship:

  • Legal Employment: A visa sponsorship assures that you are legally permitted to work in Canada, giving you job stability and peace of mind.
  • Wages: Wages for farm laborers in Canada can be competitive, with many businesses giving at least the provincial minimum wage.
  • Accommodation: As part of your employment package, certain employers may provide housing or lodging. This can help you save money on rent and make your relocation to Canada go more smoothly.
  • Healthcare coverage: Residents in Canada have access to publicly subsidized healthcare. While you may have to wait for your provincial healthcare to begin, some firms provide private healthcare plans for their employees in the meantime.
  • Working in a Multicultural Setting: Canada is well-known for its multiculturalism. Working on a farm allows you to meet people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.
  • Skill Development: Farm work can be physically taxing, but it also provides possibilities for skill development. You can learn about agricultural methods, machinery operation, and other skills that will be useful in the future.
  • Networking: Working in Canada can help you create a professional network that can lead to future career possibilities or immigration options.
  • Experiencing Canadian Culture: Living and working in Canada allows you to personally experience Canadian culture and lifestyle, from the cuisine to the traditions and festivals.
  • Immigration Opportunities: Farm labor can potentially be a bridge to permanent residency in Canada, depending on your situation and the individual visa program you’re under. Some provinces have immigration programs designed exclusively for agricultural laborers.
  • Environmental Experience: If you are interested in agriculture or the environment, farm labor can give you hands-on experience.