2023/24 Scholarships At Humber International Student, Canada- Apply Now


The application process for Humber International Student Scholarships is currently in progress. This scholarship is intended for Graduate certificate, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma students who will commence their initial semester of study at Humber University in September, January, and May as part of the entrance requirements. The scholarship incentive reduces the tuition expenses for the initial two semesters of study by two thousand Canadian dollars.

The scholarship program is designed for academically accomplished students who possess a minimum GPA of 85% and have achieved a minimum score of 6.5 on their IELTS (or similar TOEFL scores, in Duolingo, or senior high school grade in English). These students are seeking a grant as a means of acknowledging their exceptional accomplishment. Each semester, a total of ten undergraduate students and ten graduate students are granted a stipend amounting to two thousand Canadian dollars.


Program specifications

Due date: May 31st, 2023
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Scholarship category: Training
Financial support: Limited
Intended audience: All pupils
Country of residence: Canada
Institution hosting: Humber College, located in Canada.
Field of study: All offered fields at Humber College.
The specific number of awards is not indicated.
Duration: Unspecified.
Objective: Individuals of many nationalities.
Students who are pursuing a Bachelor’s degree have the opportunity to get an unlimited number of prizes. However, it is imperative that students possess a direct educational background, having completed high school studies, and are not transfer students. This implies that they have not pursued higher education at the college or university level, nor have they participated in Humber’s EAP program. Degree scholarships are granted to high school students on an automatic basis, contingent upon their academic performance.

The benefits of Humber International Students Scholarships

The scholarship’s value exhibits variability. The following information is provided:

International Entrance Scholarships offer a financial assistance of two thousand Canadian dollars to cover tuition fees for the initial two semesters of academic pursuit.

Undergraduate degree Academic grants: A renewable scholarship of four thousand Canadian dollars will be awarded to students who achieve a minimum GPA of 95%. A renewable scholarship of three thousand five hundred Canadian dollars will be awarded to students who achieve a GPA ranging from 90% to 94.9%. A renewable scholarship of three thousand Canadian dollars will be awarded to students who achieve a GPA ranging from 85 to 89.9%. A renewable scholarship of two thousand Canadian dollars will be awarded to students who achieve a GPA ranging from 80 to 84.9%. Students who achieve a GPA ranging from 75 to 79.9% will be awarded a scholarship of two thousand dollars, which can be renewed once.

It should be noted that the renewal of scholarships is contingent upon the recipient’s attainment of 80% or higher in each academic year of the Bachelor’s degree program.

Humber students have access to further financial aid options. To get further information regarding these chances, please refer to the following hyperlink:

The eligibility criteria for Humber International Student Scholarships.
The fellowship is open to overseas students who meet the following criteria: a minimum GPA of 85% and a minimum score of 6.5 in the IELTS (or an equal TOEFL score in Duolingo, or a senior high school grade in English).

Financial aid will be granted to students who possess

After receiving the Letter of Acceptance from Humber, I proceeded to confirm the offer and subsequently submitted a scholarship application within the designated timeframe.

The process of applying for International Entrance Scholarships involves accessing the official website and selecting the “apply” option to initiate the account creation process. To proceed, it is necessary to complete the form and furnish the subsequent documents: Humber student ID number, a verified Letter of Acceptance from Humber College, a personal statement of interest encompassing your Grade Point Average (GPA), and two reference letters.

Crucial details:

Prospective candidates are need to be registered in a full-time academic program at Humber College. It is imperative that they have obtained a formal letter of acceptance.
Applications that are not fully completed will not be considered.
Scholarships are of a minimal nature and do not provide a return.
Only those who have achieved success will be notified. Please be aware that scholarship decisions are conclusive.
The recipients of the scholarship are required to fully cover the cost of their tuition. Upon the conclusion of the tenth day of classes, the scholarship amount will be duly credited to the student’s account. The scholarship is disbursed in two separate payments throughout the initial two semesters of the academic program.
There is no requirement to submit an application for Bachelor’s degree scholarships, as these scholarships are automatically granted to high school graduates upon completion of their studies.

The application deadline for the academic session commencing in September 2023 is set for May 31, 2023.